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Analyst expects Duke Nukem Forever to sell close to 2 million units

Games industry analyst Arvind Bhatia with Sterne Agee stated in the firm's latest industry note that he expects Duke Nukem Forever to move between 1.5 and 2 million units, but that actual sales may hit nearer the lower end of the estimate.

Bhatia also said (via Gamasutra) that store checks indicated to the firm that first day sales were a bit "mediocre" in the US, but the analyst said 2K's conservative estimates in its "unit assumptions on Duke Nukem," will not reflect negatively on the company. He believes this is due to the fact the game "is a one-off title for Take-Two," and because original development occurred outside of the studio.

Today, Marketwatch reported that shares of Take-Two stock fell 4 percent yesterday due in part to lower-than-expected sales of L.A. Noire and low review scores for DNF. It was also noted, however, stock prices were also a reflection of NPD's monthly report issued on Monday.

Despite yesterday's loss, stock in the firm is still up 20 percent for the year, despite a 15 percent loss since mid-May.

The Duke launched in the UK last week, and quickly topped the sales charts.

Current Metacritic ratings for the title are as follows: PC - 57, Xbox 360 - 56, and PS3 - 48.

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