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Amy's handholding detailed

Amy, the next game from Flashback creator Paul Cuisset, has players surviving the aftermath of a meteor-related zombie outbreak - all while holding hands with a mysterious little girl.

IGN got hands on with the game, and reports protagonist Lana must lead Amy through the city to a hospital where survivors are gathering.

You need to hold down the right bumber to grasp Amy's hand, wnd while doing so, you'll feel her heartbeat thought the control pad.

This isn't just a neat touch - Amy's able to tell the difference between a dead body and a hibernating zombie, and her heartbeat goes up if she's frightened by something.

If left alone, Amy is vulnerable to attack, and may simply run away if she's too freaked out. As previously reported, Amy also keep Lana safe from the virus she's contracted; leaving her behind brings about a growing visual transformation eventually resulting in the game over screen.

Lana can attack zombies with melee weapons, but they take a lot of beating and doing so increases the risk of spreading infection. Med kits may help for a while, but in the end it's probably best to use stealth.

Traversing the ruins isn't easy, even so. When trouble looms, you can give Amy commands to send her down narrow passages, open doors, or scout ahead - although you're risking her and yourself in doing so.

Amy is due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 via digital distribution in September, and is expected to go for around $13.

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