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Amy's gameplay to eschew combat for tactical viral management

Lexis Numerique's PlayStation Network exclusive survival horror, Amy, will feature "fierce close combat", but most of the time, you'll need your noggin to escape the roaming mutant enemies.

Siliconera reports the titular Amy is a young autistic girl with strange, powers, who acts as a support partner for protagonist Lana.

Amy has the ability to heal Lana of the mutating virus unleashed by a meteor strike, granting Lana the power to manage her infection.

Mutate too far, and Lana's life is on the line, but an infected player can pass more easily among enemies without detection.

Amy will have other powers which are yet to be detailed, and will also be able to access locations Lana can't. You'll need to earn the young girl's trust before you'll have access to these capabilities.

Amy is a new project from Flashback creator Paul Cuisset, and is expecte to release on the PSN in June.

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