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Amazon's opening its very own Android AppStore


Amazon has announced it's to launch an App Store of its very own called the Amazon AppStore. It's for Android.

According to a report from TechCrunch, the firm will approve game and app submissions individually, unlike Google's Android Market, and plans to be "more lenient than Apple" while still avoiding copyright violations and pornographic material.

App pricing will also be determined by Amazon with discounts and sales planned along with limited-time free offers. Looks for Amazon to also try and undercut competitors like it does with every thing else as well.

However, App developers will be able to set a base price for their creations despite Amazon getting the final say. Creators will also net 20 percent of the list price even when Amazon hold price drop events. During phases of normal pricing, developers will receive 70 percent of all sales.

Amazon Appstore will open for business sometime this year, and developers can get in on the portal now for free. Later on, developers will be charged $99 annually to host their Apps.


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