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Aliens vs Marines mod for CryEngine? Yes please!

There's little doubt about just how good the CryEngine can look, so when a lone modder starts bringing the paranoia inducing setting into that engine, it's best you sit up and take notice.

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So far, it's the Marine view only from the awesome game released back in 1999 but even so, things are looking very, very promising. The modder, who goes by the name oldschool.Dave, is working steadily through the setting to ensure the same edge-of-seat gameplay that only that damn pinging sensor can give you. From the video above, he's more than well on the way.

Specifics include explosions that deform around objects, there's no 'wait-and-hide-to-heal' game mechanic, aliens working to AI rather than scripting, and quicksaves? Nope. No quicksaves for you, so you better bring your A game.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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