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Alien: Isolation was prototyped in third-person - video

Alien: Isolation is one of the most effectively scary triple-A games in years, but it didn't start off a perfect creation of pure terror.


Creative Assembly prototyped Alien: Isolation in third-person perspective before they nailed down the final approach.

The developer revealed this during a GDC 2015 presentation, and it's a good reminder that games can alter dramatically during the development process.

Destructoid, which captured the off-screen footage below, reports Creative Assembly were initially aiming for a something in the style of Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Clock Tower and Silent Hill 2 - third-person horror games.

"The difference between first and third [person] was extraordinary. The third person felt like an Alien game, which is cool. But the first person felt like Alien," creative director Alistair Hope said, according to GameInformer.

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