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Alan Wake 2 "looks promising," Remedy job posting looks for "drama and storytelling" for new game

Remedy's posted a new job listing, looking for a senior level designer who can deliver "compelling narrative and intense action" for its new game

The listing, posted by Gama, says that the job requires that the game matches its "storyline and vision."

This sounds like Alan Wake 2. OXM seems to agree. Its latest issue (via GAF) says in its rumour section that a sequel to last year's thriller was that it "looks promising."

The ambition to develop a Wake sequel hasn't been kept too much of a secret, mind. Remedy has mentioned in the past its desire to make Wake 2, but it would be 360-exclusive or be on PC and 360.

Alan Wake released last May for Xbox 360. Two DLC episodes, The Signal and The Writer, act as a bridge between what Remedy called Season One and Season Two during Wake 1's promotion.

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