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Come on grab your friends, because Adventure Time is getting a movie

Not to mention two new TV shows.

Key art of Adventure Time: Distant Lands showing Finn with a robot arm, Jake laying down, Princess Bubblegum in a racing suit, and BMO in a cowboy hat.
Image credit: Warner Bros

Want more Adventure Time? You're getting it, and by the sounds of it, a whole heap of it too.

Earlier today at the Annecy Animation Festival, Warner Bros. Animation made a whole suite of announcements for upcoming film and TV shows it has in the works. Quite easily the most notable of all of them is that Adventure Time, the classic Cartoon Network series, is getting a movie (via Variety). Not much has been shared about the film just yet, with the only description being: "Jake and Finn embark on their greatest adventure yet." However, animation fans do have reasons to be excited by it. Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale, and former Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto are all attached to the project as creators.

Any Adventure Time fan will remember the several classic songs Sugar wrote for the series, so her being involved in such a direct way is definitely something to look forward to. McHale and Muto are both equally strong creatives in their own right, with McHale having co-written Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio, and also being the showrunner for Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake. This new movie isn't the only new Adventure Time project in the works either.

While it's aimed at a pre-school audience, Adventure Time: Heyo BMO has also been announced, focusing on the fan favourite titular character in "the fantastical Land of Ooo" where "the little robot BMO is on a new adventure. Now settled in a new neighborhood with new friends, BMO approaches each challenge he faces with his unique brand of enthusiasm and curiosity in a quest to learn and fill his database."

On top of that, Adventure Time: Side Quests has just been greenlit, a new show focusing on Finn and Jake's early days fighting monsters on different quests. This one won't follow a big overarching plot like the original series, instead opting for an episodic format. Nate Cash, who worked on the OG show, will serve as the series creator.

As a reminder, Fionna and Cake also received a season 2 renewal as well, so Warner Bros. is clearly going all in on the Adventure Time IP. Guess they really meant it when they said the fun will never end!

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