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Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake gets a season 2, but maybe it's time for the fun to end

Come on grab your friends, we've got more Adventure Time coming our way.

What time is it? Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake season 2 time! As streaming service Max has renewed the animated series for another season.

Given how poorly Warner Bros. Discovery has been treating animation, hearing that Fionna and Cake has been renewed for a second season comes as somewhat of a surprise, though a not entirely unwelcome one. With so many shows airing on streaming services these days, and said streaming service not being beholden to rules requiring them to share viewership statistics, it isn't always clear how well a show does. Clearly, though, Fionna and Cake has done well enough to warrant another season, even though showrunner Adam Muto wasn't entirely sure if we'd get one back in October.

Cover image for YouTube videoAdventure Time: Fionna & Cake | Official Trailer | Max

"To know that the show will continue into a second season feels both wonderful and frankly surreal," said Muto in a statement responding to the news. "Thanks to 'Adventure Time's' creator Pendleton Ward, the team at Max, the talented cast & crew and the passionate audience who made this possible."

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake follows the titular, gender-bent versions of the heroes we know and love from the original show as they quite literally fight for their right to exist, hopping across universes, meeting all kinds of parallel versions of themselves along the way. It was an incredible piece of television, and really proved how adult animation has a bright future (just as long as executives don't get in the way).

While on the one hand I'm pretty happy to be spending more time with Fionna and Cake and co, I do have to wonder how entirely necessary it is. Adventure Time is the kind of world you could explore forever, but maybe we shouldn't! It's ok and even sometimes good that things end, and Fionna and Cake's story felt pretty conclusive. But, Fionna and Cake as a show did also prove that there's always room for something else in the land of Ooo, so I hope my reservations are proven wrong.

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