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Advanced Warfare's exoskeleton could fundamentally change CoD multiplayer

Sledgehammer believes that the exoskeleton in Advanced Warfare will be a revolutionary change for Call of Duty multiplayer.


The exoskeleton changes movement significantly for the player, allowing for high jumping and swift side dashes even before it's been upgraded.

"We've got heavy weapons, which is sort of another new class, verticality through the boost jump - you can imagine what that does to the multiplayer experience," co-founder Michael Condrey told OXM. "And then cloak, super-strength, and then off-the-controller changes, like the exo-boost and the exo-slide.

"We've got a really great combo now with the boost jump and then a lethal slam from above. We feel like it's a pretty fundamental change to the second-to-second combat, as well as the broader linear experience that you see in campaign," he added.

The studio is set to show off real hands-on multiplayer to the public next month at Gamescom. Condrey also detailed how exo suits change old favourites from the Call of Duty armoury.

"The shotgun is a close quarters weapon. A short ranged, broad angle weapon like the shotgun is pretty ineffective against a player who can boost out of the way really quickly, right? So there are a lot of really interesting and unique challenges and opportunities, and I think when we talk about MP in more detail you'll get to see that, but the variety that the new controls and the exo bring to gameplay is pretty revolutionary."

Want to see what the exoskeleton looks like in 1080p? It's right here, baby.

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