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Action-RPG Vikings: Wolves of Midgard launches on March 28

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, first announced in June 2015, will release next month for PS4 and PC.

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The game has been detailed on the PlayStation Blog. "Your fully customizable Viking warrior or shieldmaiden will have to master several weapon styles and magical abilities as you battle increasingly challenging enemies and boss encounters", the post promises.

"Combat styles include sword and shield, two-handed hammer, staff, bow, and dual axes. You’ll also collect resources and special runes on your adventures. Use the game’s in-depth crafting system to upgrade your equipment."

Essentially, it's going to play a lot like Diablo. In fitting with the viking theme, though, you'll be able to enter 'rage mode', which enhances your skills and grants you several bonuses.

The game will also allow two players to play together online.

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