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8 must-have addons for WoW Classic (Wrath of the Lich King)

For the WotLK launch, here's eight addons you've got to grab.

Wrath of the lich King Classic is almost here, which means World of Warcrat players will be fine tuning their characters, professions, and of course addons heading into Northrend. In case you’ve not checked through you list of game-altering mods, or haven’t even considering downloading them ahead of the expansion launch later this month, we’ve got a list of 8 must-have addons you absolutely should consider.

Some of these are great for everyone, whereas a few of them are more specific to certain classes or play styles. Either way, give them all a read to see if you’re missing out on a proper handy addon.

Check out the Lich King Classic trailer here!

Deadly Boss Mods

A fan-favourite across both Classic and Retail World of Warcraft, Deadly Boss Mods is an addon that affects raid content, giving out alerts and handy information related to important spells, attacks, and generally dangerous happenings in some of World of Warcraft’s most powerful PvE enemies. With this installed, you shouldn’t have to do much research ahead of a boss to figure out what’s going on.


Here’s a fun one! Details is a tracker that notes down how much damage and healing players are dealing in fights, as well as other handy stats such as interrupts done by people, overhealing, and enemy damage taken. It’s a great addon if you want to figure out just how good you’re doing against the rest of your dungeon or raid group, or want to improve your overall performance.

Pally Power

Here’s one of the more specialised addons, useful only to Paladins, but it’s critical in all large-scale cooperation content. You see, Paladins can provide a range of buffs to their entire team, which requires a level of coordination so that buffs don’t overlap. Pally Power helps out massively here, allowing you to see and manage the buffs active at any one time, and quickly identify what buffs are missing.


This one is for the money makers, the movers and shakers. The base auction house experience is a bit naff, a bit clunky. What Auctioneer does is streamline the process, making it far easier to buy and sell goods both individually and in bulk. No more wasting time trying to determine proper pricing, Auctioneer cuts out the hassle.

Atlas Loot

Knowing what loot you need from dungeons and raids can be daunting, especially for a brand new player literally heading into the expansion for the first time. Atlas Loot comes in clutch here, showing every piece of loot that can drop from dungeon and raid content, allowing you to look ahead at what you need to keep a lookout for before you even step inside the instance. You can even favourite pieces too! A lush addon.


You can, of course, finish quests normally as the devs originally intended. However, if you’d rather see all the quests available, as well as the recommended level for them before you pick them up, then Questie is invaluable. With Questie, you can work out the most efficient way to hit max level, streamlining your levelling experience.

Speedy Auto Loot

Here’s a fun one, and not an addon I’ve seen on many other lists. Speedy Auto Loot is a great addon for those looking to clear out packs and grab their drops as quickly as possible. It essentially supercharges the experience of right clicking and snatching loot, which you may not know you need, but becomes irreplaceable once you’ve tried it.


Anyone who has played a decent amount of either Classic or Retail WoW will know too well the benefits of WeakAuras. They are incredibly versatile, allowing you to adjust various elements of your in-game UI to suit your needs. For example, if you need to maintain damage-over-time abilities (DOTs) on a boss, a WeakAura that blinks when one runs out can be created and placed near the centre of your screen. A must-have.


The ability to quickly swap between gear sets, especially later on in the expansion when you may have different armour and weapons for different class specialisations (as well as PvE vs PvP content), is unbelievably handy. No one likes right-clicking individual pieces on and off, so the option to quickly switch over is something you’ll want to have!

That wraps up our WoW Classic addons guide! For more World of Warcraft Classic content, check out our piece on the current Alterac Valley honor farms going on right now, as well as WoW Classic players being caught in mining hell.

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