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3DS friends list overhauled by Super Mario 3D Land update

The Japanese release of Super Mario 3D Land comes with a sneaky firmware update for your 3DS.

TinyCartridge collated a number of reports, and determined the game ships with firmware v2.2.0-4.

The update's new features seem to focus on the friends list, suggesting its a separate release to the upcoming November firmware update.

Once installed, v2.2.0-4 allows players to more easily scroll through their friends list, and moves online players to the top of the list. A single button press initiates a join if one of your friends is playing at that moment.

Reports suggests the interim update also adds anti-piracy protection by blocking some flash carts.

The next major 3DS update will allow 3D video recording, overhaul the eShop with demo and DLC support, polish up StreetPass with new features, and allow for console-to-console software transfers.

Thanks, Joystiq.


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