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Super Mario 3D World headed to Wii U to explore multiplayer component

For its first major 3D Mario game for Wii U, Nintendo turned its attention to Super Mario 3D World in order to make good on the dream of bringing multiplayer to the former 3DS exclusive series.

Speaking to Super Mario 3D land producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and director Koichi Hayashida, IGN asked why Nintendo chose Super Mario 3D Land for Wii U instead of, say, the Galaxy series.

The pair responded by saying that while Super Mario 3D Land was in development, they realised multiplayer would make an excellent addition.

It wasn't possible on 3DS, but by bringing the game to Wii U they will be able to deliver on that potential.

Super Mario 3D Land is a platforming affair with an interesting gimmick of shifting between 2D and 3D gameplay. It released on 3DS in late 2011. Its Wii U follow up, Super Mario 3D World, arrives in December.

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