Bloodborne: Nightmare of Mensis to Micolash

By Staff
21 March 2015 23:06 GMT

Our Bloodborne guide returns to the main path now for a run at the final few main storyline bosses.

Bloodborne is drawing inexorably onto a conclusion, as the increasing madness around you may have indicated.

We’re headed for the Nightmare of Mensis now, but we don’t need to go back to the Lecture Building and take the other door; just continue on from the Amygdala boss battle, down the path. You’ll encounter a Werebeast but be warned; in this zone, when Werebeasts die, they spawn a couple of Snakes. Lol.

Once the Werebeast is dead, dash down the path and smack the Imp trying to escape off a cliff. You can then grab a Frenzied Coldblood.

If you move any further down the path you’ll come under fire, which not only damages you but inflicts Frenzy. Keep your Sedatives handy, but try to avoid being hit by dashing between cover spots. Once you’re past this point you can light the Nightmare Mensis Lantern.

Move onward to engage to Werebeasts, then collect eight Blood Vials. The path splits here. Head up the right path, battling two Fur Giants to light another Lantern; run up the stairs to kill the Bell-ringer Woman or risk invasion by other players, who are the nastiest foes you will ever face.


Back where the path split take the left fork up the stairs, fighting a few more Werebeasts. When the path curves to the right, leave it and take the hill on the left to avoid more gunfire. You can also collect a Frenzied Coldblood before engaging two Fur Giants.

Head up the hill towards the building, noting the four Fur Giants preventing you from grabbing a Blood Stone Chunk near the wall. Four is a lot to handle on your own, so feel free to run into the building ahead and wait for them to give up and run away. Nip out and grab the treasure.

Up the stairs and in the building, enter the next room slowly so as not to aggro the Spiders. Go up the stairs on the right and take out the Spider waiting on the roof (shoot or use a Pebble to bring it down), then run onto the small balcony on the right and kill the Bell-ringer Woman before – you guessed it – you are invaded. There’s a Kin Coldblood here, as well as a Madman’s Knowledge in the previous room. Once you’ve collected everything, look behind you and head for the bridge on the right.

Two Spiders will drop down when you step onto the bridge, so draw them back into the cleared room behind you to take them out. More Spiders await you along the bridge so keep luring them down and back rather than try to fight them all at once.

Finally there’ll only be one large Spider left. When you knock it down it will fall to the lower level, so you can do a dropping attack on it. You can either fight it down the bottom there, or keep running up the stairs to drop down on its hairy little head. Depending on your build you may find this strategy is the only way to stay alive; the spider has long reach and can poison you from behind as well as in front.

When you’ve finally cleared all these creepy-crawlies outs, go up the stairs at the end of the room to grab six Shaman Bone Blades. Through the door on the right you’ll find a Hunter, who isn’t a heck of a lot of fun but must be battled.

Go left and around the corner to grab two Yellow Backbones from a chest. Take the stairs in the centre of the room to fight two Tiny Gents and a Frenzied Coldblood; use sneak attacks to make this easier.

Ignore the two other Tiny Gents ahead and instead take the lift down the corridor. Head outside and glance around to see the Mergo’s Loft: Base Lantern. We’ll be back here later; for now, take the lift back up and take on the rest of the Tiny Gents. Go down the stairs to fight a Lady Gent, who is best battled with Countershots. You cna then collect a Madman’s Knowledge.

Make your way across the room, avoiding the holes in the floor. In this area you’ll have to fight a melee Tiny Gent, three Tiny Gents with crossbows and another Lady Gent. Try to sneak up on the Tiny Gents, and if you aggro everyone, pull the Lady Gent off on her own. When you’ve killed everything and made it to the other side, get behind the nearby pillar to score yourself two Lead Elixirs.

Take the lift, go down the corridor and out into the open, then battle a Crow Hound (lol) which falls out of a cage on the left. Go around the corner on the right to fight his friends the Hound Crow (lol).

Up the stairs you’ll find two more Crow Hounds in a cage and two Hound Crows below on the left. Start with the top and work down rather than take on the pack together. When they’re dead, grab the Kin Coldblood and Blood Stone Chunk.

Go back up to the top and look for another cage with a Crow Hound. You’ll have to roll into this cage, but if you manage it you’ll get a Tempering Damp Blood Gem.

Climb out of the cage down to the area below, then back up the top again. One the left of the stairs you’ll see two lifts; take the one on the left to make a shortcut back down to the Lantern below.

Stop here if you need a rest; we’re on the final approach to the boss. Go back up and take the stairs onwards, crossing the bridge to battle a couple of Skeletons. Pass through the doorway to trigger a cutscene and the boss battle with Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

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