Destiny guide: Moon story missions walkthough and guide

By Brenna Hillier
10 September 2014 09:43 GMT

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The Sword of Crota: level 7 Story Mission

This mission contains an unusual combat encounter and is one of my favourites so far.

Follow your radar along the road past the Accelerator, stopping to take down any enemies you fancy. On the road to the Hellmouth you’ll pass from a twisty road to an open area before going through a break in a wall; there’s a Gold Chest here, nestled in some rocks to your left.

If you’d like to collect a Dead Ghost, follow the directions in the boxout before proceeding.

Moon: Gold Chest #3

You’ll know you have the right place if there’s a ramp over a glowing crevasse on one side, and a crashed buggy with two dead bodies near it against some rocks on the other. The chest is in those rocks. Two more crashed buggies hug the nearby wall, in case you’re confused.

Moon: Dead Ghost #6

Once you pass out of the clearing with the Gold Chest above, immediately turn right and hug the wall till you can slip through a tiny gap to a nest of structures. There are loads of enemies here, so put them down, watching out for the sniping Vandal on the far side. Once they’re dead, enter the most central building and look for a lit terminal; there’s a Dead Ghost tucked just behind the monitor.

Follow your radar to the first Hive prince. There’s a Wizard here to welcome you, and you’ll have to take down multiple Acolytes before the Knight spawns. He’s a little tougher than normal, and uses that horrid cannon thing, but he’s not too tough.

Follow your radar down the road; you may as well take a vehicle as it’s a dull trek. Fight up the staiors through a mass of Acolytes, and then into the structure itself, watching out for the Knights just beyond the doors.

A mass of Hallowed Knights and Acolytes awaits you a little further in. The further you press in, the more spawn, so save yourself a headache and proceed slowly. Once they’re dead, don’t go running down the golden-lit path; search the edge of the abyss for a Dead Ghost.

You’ll fight plenty of Acolytes and Thralls as you push into this room, and eventually, a buffed-up Wizard. Once everything’s down, you can grab the Sword of Crota. Be prepared: shit’s about to get real.

Moon: Dead Ghost #7

It’s quite near the entrance you used to this room, and you’ll have to hop perilously close to the edge to get it. It’s slightly below ground level, but you can see it from the edge.

You will now be in third-person. Use the left bumper to throw grenades as usual, but your melee attack now swings the sword, teleporting your forward slightly, and the right trigger does a ground pound. Activating your Super does a more powerful ground pound with and area of effect damage bonus. These attacks are quite forcefully auto-aimed, so don’t stress too much; point and shoot.

Take out Thralls and Acolytes as soon as you see them; you don’t want to be swarmed or jabbed at by projectiles while you’re deulling the Knights. You’ll have to face three Knights, one by one, and they’re quite tough – but you’re quicker, and can use your double jump to escape while your shields regenerate. Dash in with sprint, use a Super and a few attacks, and run away; rinse and repeat.


Shrine of Oryx Level 8 Story Mission

From the starting point, head up the stairs, taking out the Acolytes, and proceed into the Hellmouth, taking out the three Knights that await you just inside.

You won’t meet any enemies till you’ve progress into the Gatehouse, and it soon becomes clear why – the Fallen are invading. You’ll now have to fight both groups of enemies, but you can use their distraction to thin the ranks before fully commiting yourself; pick off members of both sides before they both, inevitably, turn on you.

Once you’ve cleared this firefight, trek down the halls to the room where you found the Sword of Crota. Here there’s a fight between a Fallen squad and a Wizard; you should first try to take out the Vandal sniper, as having him behind you as you battle the Wizard is a definite no-no.

In the next chamber, you’ll fight a Baron – a very nasty souped-up Captain. Treat him like any other of his kind and you’ll be fine.

Follow the radar, battling through the Circle of Bones and the Hall of Wisdom until you reach the Darkness Zone. You’ll have to push through another morass of contesting Fallen and Hive, including a cannon Knight. Don’t hang about to pick off the reinforcements; push on to the heart of the shrine, through a group of Acolytes, a Knight and a Wizard and later a knot of Dregs battling with Acolytes, which you should wipe out completely.

You’ll soon come across an Ogre. These huge foes fire lasers from their faces, so if they can see you, they can hurt you. Hitting them with a Gunslinger’s Swarm Grenade or a Titan’s Flashbang Grenade will cause them to close their “eyes” giving you a good chance to smack them around. Otherwise, just keep your distance and use cover, trying to circle him faster than he can lumber about. Happily, if he becomes enraged, he won’t use his face laser – but he will charge use, unleashing huge melee attacks. This one is quite easy to drop with a heavy weapon, though, as you have plenty of breathing room on approach.

Just one more Knight and a group of Thralls stand between you and the shrine, and then you’re free to look around for a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #8

Look for a heap of rubbish amongst the “ribs” lining this area.

The shrine itself is initially guarded by Acolytes, who should be eliminated; you need to clear the room to trigger the next stage of the quest. As usual, check that your weapons are reloaded before you deploy your Ghost at the objective marker.

The boss here is Sardok, the Eye of Oryx Knight, and he doesn’t keep you waiting, but turns up in the first wave of minions. He’ll bring in at least two more waves of reinforcements, but your best bet is sto pick off the Acolytes and Thralls before tackling the big guy. In the end, though, he’s just one Knight – and you’re a Guardian. The mission ends with Sardok’s death, and you’ll be rewarded with a unique item, which can be traded in at the tower for a new weapon.

Next: Chamber of Night, the Moon’s final mission.

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