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$1 million up for grabs in DotA 2 gamescom tourney

Valve is determined to make a splash with DotA 2's gamescom debut, offering $1 million in cash to the winners of its first tournament.

Announced on the DotA 2 blog, The International, as the lucrative competition is known, will play out at gamescom in Cologne on August 17-21.

The world's best DotA teams, 16 in total, will compete for the million dollar prize in double elimination playoffs. The matches will be broadcast, for free, in Chinese, English, German and Russian.

“I have had the good fortune to watch the competitors as they prepare for the tournament, and the level of play is extraordinary," Gabe Newell said, so it should be good viewing. Gamescom will be the game's first public appearance in addition to its first official competitive outing.

The tournament was outed by fansites last month.

DotA 2 is the Valve-developed sequel to fan-made Warcraft 3 mod turned competitive gaming darling, Defence of the Ancients. It's expected on Mac and PC this year.

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