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  • Four new Persona PSP movies appear

    After the break. The RPG remake ships in Japan in April, and there’s no news of this coming west. There’s no voice acting in the game at all, from the look of it, so an English translation for the US isn’t the most ridiculous thing to imagine. Take a look. From Siliconera, via Destructoid.

  • PSP Persona not a port, but not a remake either

    We’re pretty sure it’s still a game, though – and by the looks of things, a damn good one. Siliconera opened up their Nihongonomicon and gave us the scoop. According to a translated listing from Japanese retailer Rakuten, Persona’s PSP edition will include new animated movies, a soundtrack rearranged by Persona 3’s composer, and new […]

  • Persona PSP trailer released

    After the break. It includes combat, exploration and butterflies. The Atlus PSP remake was confirmed in Famitsu earlier this week. It’s out on April 29 in Japan.

  • Original Persona coming to PSP

    According to the latest Famitsu, Atlus is working on he verge of releasing a tremake of the original Persona for PSP. Persona is a “complete remake” of the 13 year-old PlayStation game. It has more save points, difficulty options and new cutscenes. It’s out in Japan on April 29. More on Kotaku.


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