Killing Floor

Atlus titles star in latest Humble Weekly Sale

The latest Humble Weekly Sale is full of lovely titles from Atlus, and you won’t want to pass this one up if you are an Ace Team or Tripwire Interactive fan.


Killing Floor headlines

  • Green Man Gaming's '666 sale' starts today, ends July 6

    Green Man Gaming has launched a ’666 sale’, so called because it offers six discounted games, every six hours for six days. The savings are none too shabby either.

  • Killing Floor Halloween event is full of Hillbilly Horrors, a community created weapons pack

    Killing Floor has been overrun by redneck zombies, which are the worst kind of zombie because they started off missing teeth before they turned, and have a tendency to not pronounce words right. I wonder if their moans and groans have that distinct accent as well… no matter. They need to die regardless.

  • Killing Floor Summer Sideshow is back, runs until July 26

    Tripwire Interactive has announced the return of the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow, which means some of your favorite freaks are back, but only for a limited time.

  • Killing Floor moves 1 million, players log 45 million hours

    Tripwire Interactive has announced Killing Floor has sold more than 1 million copies on PC in the two and a half years since releasing on the market.

  • Killing Floor Twisted Christmas 2 starts tomorrow

    Tripwire Interactive has announced the Killing Floor Twisted Christmas 2 event which starts December 7 and runs through January 4. The event features an all new level, Ice Cave, as well as new Twisted Christmas music. There’s also the Winter Weapon Pack, which contains seven new weapons with Achievements, and are free to everyone who […]

  • Play Killing Floor for free on Steam December 8 - 11

    Tripwire’s offering free play time in Killing Floor from December 8 until December 11. This will allow those who have yet to try it an entire weekend to play it for free. Apparently, the developers have a “little surprise” lurking in the game as well. Killing Floor is available now on Steam and other digital […]

  • Killing Floor Sideshow Event dresses up for Halloween, full game is $6.79 on Steam

    Tripwire has announced that the cast of its Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event are back in for a Halloween event and dressed up as monsters. From now until November 3, Frankenpound, Husk-O-Lantern, Werebunny are running about the place, and you can earn a new batch achievements, set in Bedlam as an added fun bonus. Apparently, […]

  • Tripwire announces Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event

    Tripewire has announced the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event which will add a new map, Achievements, and a new DLC character pack to the game.

  • Portal levels added to The Ball, Killing Floor and Audiosurf through Valve's Potato Sack-ARG

    Valve’s Portal 2 ARG, a.k.a. the Potato Sack, has been updated to include The Ball and other games with added Portal themes.

  • Steam puts indie games on sale with the Potato Sack bundle

    Steam has slashed prices on 13 indie games via a bundle called the Potato Sack.

  • Killing Floor gets a sale, free expansion and DLC on Steam

    Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor has a free expansion along with new DLC available on Steam. It’s also on sale this weekend for $9.99, which is 50 percent off.

  • Valve launches new Mac titles on Steam

    Valve’s sent over a list of titles that have been added to Steam for Mac today, that allow folks to play multiplayer with pals on PC.

  • Retail version of Tripwire's Killing Floor ships to US stores

    Tripwire has announced that the retail version of Killing Floor has shipped to stores in the US. It includes the Heavy Metal Content Pack and two new playable characters. More free and paid content updates are expected for the game in the coming months. You can still get it digitally through Steam.

  • Killing Floor to get paid and free DLC

    Tripwire Interactive has relayed that it will release both free and paid DLC content for Killing Floor. The first bit to be released will be a free map called Foundry with and AK-47 and a Katana in the “Heavy Metal” pack. The map itself is called Foundry and will add four new playable characters. No […]

  • Steam weekly top sellers, May 31 - TF2 tops with Orange Box still going

    Valve has announced that it will start publishing a weekly list of the best-selling titles on Steam. Bout time. Updates will arrive every Sunday, and you can see the very first one below. Steam Weekly Top Sellers – WE May 31 Team Fortress 2 Killing Floor Left 4 Dead Counter Strike: Source Plants vs Zombies […]

  • Tripwire issues a patch for Killing Floor, should solve server issues

    Reports from many sources were claiming that Killing Floor had some connection issues that were hindering server log-ins. Tripwire has apparently fixed these issues with a patch which will be applied automatically when logging into Steam. Here’s just the partial list: Server Browser Fixed the in game server browser not showing all servers Fixed the […]

  • Tripwire's Killing Floor now available on Steam

    Horror shooter Killing Floor is now available on Steam. Tripwire’s latest features multiplayer co-op for up to six players, over 40 Steam Achievements, perks to level up your character, a level editor and single-player mode for offline play. The game will run you $19.99. Hit the link for all the gory details.

  • Killing Floor - new shots

    Some new screens of TripWire zombie shooter Killing Floor popped up last night – get them from GameInfoWire. The game’s being described as “Dead Alive meets The Re-Animator” and a “grindhouse exploitation horror film”. It’s out sometime this year. No formats confirmed.

  • Tripwire's Killing Floor is a British zombie game

    Red Orchestra: Ostfront developer Tripwire Interactive is making a zombie game. A British zombie game. Called Killing Floor, it’s six-player co-op affair. See on IGN. It’s being described as “Dead Alive meets The Re-Animator” and a “grindhouse exploitation horror film”. When asked if it will draw comparisons to Left 4 Dead, designer John Gibson says […]