Hey, games publishers! Players are laughing at your piss-poor quality control

Ubisoft and Microsoft are the latest companies to release games that are being ripped apart by the community.


Bugs headlines

  • Gears of War 3 freezing bug causing problems in 360s

    A relatively severe new glitch has popped up in Gears of War 3 that not only freezes the system, but also prevents players from entering any game mode thereafter.

  • Bethesda updates on Fallout: New Vegas fixes

    Fallout: New Vegas may have enjoyed a solid critical reception (with the odd exception) but paying customers soon found plenty of things going awry once the game went on sale.

  • Fallout: New Vegas PC patch now live

    Bethesda’s hoping to wash the bitter taste of bugs from gamer’s mouths, having rolled out the first of what is likely to be many fixes to the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas.

  • Fallout: New Vegas bugs swamp YouTube

    Rotating heads, moonwalking dogs and phantom computers. You didn’t expect it to be glitch-free, did you?

  • EU proposals could mean refunds for buggy games

    EU officials are proposing that games be brought in line with a European law that states people are entitled to refunds if products don’t work “with fair commercial conditions”. Like, if it’s broken. As in, if it’s buggy. Commissioners Viviane Reding and Meglena Kuneva want to expand the EU Sales and Guarantees Directive to cover […]

  • Gamers claim The Pitt is "completely broken," speak of "giant floating exclamation points"

    Gamers are claiming that Fallout 3 DLC the Pitt – released this morning – is suffering from some serious bugs. “It’s completely broken,” said one, posted in this Nelson thread. “Textures and graphics are glitchy and bugged. There are these box exclamation points all over The Pitt map. I think someone screwed up because it’s […]

  • Fatal Frame IV ships with serious bugs

    According to this NeoGAF post – which refers to this Nintendo Japan note – Tecmo’s Fatal Frame IV has shipped with some serious bugs in Japan. Collision detection problems, invisible objects and freezing are mentioned there. Awesome.