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Gears of War 3 freezing bug causing problems in 360s

A relatively severe new glitch has popped up in Gears of War 3 that not only freezes the system, but also prevents players from entering any game mode thereafter. The problem appears to randomly afflict players that try to load Horde Mode in split screen with two profiles. Users on Epic's forums began complaining of this problem, and Epic has responded quickly, clearly taking the problem seriously.

An Epic forum representative posted a questionnaire for the afflicted users to take so that Epic can try to pin down exactly what the problem is. After all, finding a single glitch hidden away inside the millions of lines of coding that makes up a game like Gears of War 3 is pretty difficult.

Epic also responded to Joystiq saying, "Getting this resolved is a priority for Epic. We are collecting information internally, sourcing as much as possible from the community and exploring potential fixes. We do not have any recommendations to share with players just yet."

Assuming this isn't just a PR line, the bit about "exploring potential fixes" should comfort players, as it seems to indicate they've located the bug and are simply figuring out the best way to deal with it.

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