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Fix available for Gotham City Impostors data wipe glitch

Monolith has found a solution to a nasty bug in Gotham City Impostors, restoring lost XP and premium items to affected players.

"As of this morning we have validated that we are able to restore lost XP and Costume Coins to those who were affected by the ongoing bug," Monolith community writer Andy Salisbury said in a post on the Gotham City Impostors forums.

"Starting this afternoon we will begin the process of reinstating lost progress directly to your Gotham City Impostors profile. This process is not fully automated yet, so please be patient while we begin working through the list of those who have posted their information on our forums."

Monolith has asked anybody whose lost progress is not automatically restored to email with the following details:

Your platform:
Your primary email address:
Your WBID email:
Your Online ID/GamerTag:

Thanks, GameSpy.

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