Age Of Empires

Age of Empires? Microsoft working on “beloved strategy game”

Microsoft is looking to release a new title in a “beloved” strategy series, apparently.

Age Of Empires headlines

  • Age of Empires going mobile, other Microsoft ports unconfirmed

    Microsoft has confirmed reports it has greenlit Android, iOS and Windows Mobile ports of Age of Empires, but shied away from reports of various first-party properties like Halo also making the jump.

  • Age Of Empires co-creator forms new mobile start up

    Tony Goodman, one of the co-creators of Ensemble Studios’ Age Of Empires, has launched a new mobile start up called PeopleFun, telling VentureBeat his firm plans to create “character driven games,” and start small. “We were so successful with our first idea that we never got around to some of our other ideas. We’d like […]

  • Preview video for Celts expansion released for Age of Empires Online

    Microsoft has released a preview video for its upcoming Celtic expansion to Age of Empires Online. With the content, players will be able to take on these “masters of metalworking and crafting” as they explore the northern realms and become acquainted with new units, such as the Woad Raiders, Druids, and Swordsmen. The expansion will […]

  • Ensemble: Age of Empires III "just wasn't an Age game"

    Ensemble Studios founder Bruce Shelley has said Age of Empires III “just wasn’t an Age game”, and described the design process as “a huge mistake”.

  • Age of Empires Online goes into closed beta

    Those who have been looking forward to Age of Empires Online will be pleased to know the game has gone into closed beta.

  • Robot Entertainment developing extra content for Halo Wars

    Robot Entertainment is developing extra content for Halo Wars, as well as providing community support for Age of Empires. The news was confirmed via press release this morning after word broke over the weekend that ex-Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman had formed the new company. “The video game industry is in a state of upheaval,” explained […]

  • Microsoft: Age of Empires not coming to an end

    Ensemble may be cranking out Halo Wars while the carvers put the finishing touches on its tombstone, but the developer’s most-beloved RTS franchise isn’t going anywhere. “Microsoft continues to own Age of Empires,” Xbox boss Shane Kim told Edge. “It is not losing Age of Empires itself. We’re still super excited for the potential for […]