Gas Powered Games launches ProjectW countdown

Wednesday, 19th December 2012 12:01 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has launched a countdown timer for its next project.

The timer is set to run out on January 14.

There’s no clue as to the identity of whatever it is that’s about to be revealed, other than a note on the site that it’s “something wild”. The URL mentions “ProjectW”.

GPG, based in Washington, was founded in May 1998 by Chris Taylor, creator of Total Annihilation, and several other ex-Cavedog Entertainment employees.

Recent games include Space Siege, Demigod and Supreme Commander 2.



  1. Ercarret

    Hm. I’m curious as to why they’re teasing us now. People will notice it now, forget about it during the holidays, and then they’ll have to remind everyone again. Seems kind of pointless. I also don’t like waiting this long for an actual announcement but that is more of a, I guess, personal preference. I really liked the way Obsidian hyped up their Kickstarter for a couple of days, and then unveiled it quickly. It built an awareness but didn’t drag things out needlessly.

    Still, that said: how interesting. I haven’t played anything by GPG since their last Dungeon Siege game, but I really liked those. I’m not too fond of strategy games, though, so I’m not sure if I should be excited or not. Oh well. Have to wait and see, I guess.

    #1 2 years ago

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