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Zoo Tycoon: Frontier explains how the game's dynamic achievements help real-world animals

Zoo Tycoon will make use of community-wide conservation efforts in the game which will help raise awareness of endangered species. The game will also introduce dynamic achievements based on real-world animal-related events, where when each player unlocks each specific achievement, money will be donated to the corresponding cause. Frontier Developments has detailed how this will work a bit more.

Speaking with Expansive DLC (via Gamasutra) at gamescom, CCO Jonny Watts said the team is looking to makes these dynamic achievements charity-based incentives so that animals in need are helped, and players feel as if they are accomplishing something outside of the game.

"This isn't just a token gesture," Watts said. "Microsoft are investing a substantial pot of money [into these charity donations]. They are really behind us with this.

"Take for example the recent Rhino killings in Nairobi park – we could set a community based achievement asking players to save 10,000 rhinos, and when unlocked money would be given to the park or a related charity."

Studio manager Jorg Neumann said previously that these updates based on real world events are possible through a partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

A date has not be set for the game, but it will be released on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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