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Zombies and fairies step into The Sims 3 Supernatural spotlight

EA has released a new set of screenshots and character renders for The Sims 3 Supernatural, and some gameplay details to go along with the images.

In Supernatural, players can become fairies masked as humans and through special interactions, they will be able to transform into their true form which resembles a glowing insect that is miniscule in size.

Fairies can be created in Create A Sim and with various customization options available, and the fairies can "bestow gifts to others" and carry special auras that increase their skills as well as the skills of those around them.

Supernatural also introduces zombies to the game, which shuffle through the neighborhood nibbling on both Sims and the surrounding foliage. A bite from one of the creatures can leave your Sims with temporary or long-lasting effects.

Zombies cannot be created in Create A Sim, but zombification can occur through more than just a bite: the alchemy can be used to brew a zombification elixir to throw it at another Sim. Don't worry though if you hit someone with the brew, there is a cure. Find all of the correct ingredients to create the elixir and change them back.

You can also fight off zombies with some Plants vs. Zombies Peashooters, but it only comes with the Limited Edition version of the game. If you pre-order, you will be automatically upgraded.

The Sims 3 Supernatural releases in September.

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