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Leaked Zelda promo art hints at a rock-climbing Link

Could there be a hint of Uncharted in the next Zelda adventure?

zelda climbing

Leaked Zelda promo art hints at a rock-climbing Link

The image above was briefly posted on the Amazon product page for the Wii U version of the next Zelda game (which is also likely to pop up on Nintendo's new console). It doesn't seem to be there anymore, but thankfully the folks at Nintendo Life saved it for posterity.

The image shows Link scaling a rock wall, ala Nathan Drake.

Of course, promotional images aren't always indicative of gameplay, but with Nintendo promising a "clean break from conventions of previous games", anything is possible.

We won't know for sure until Nintendo unveil more of the new Zelda at E3 on June 14. In the meantime, check out our E3 Hub for all the unfolding E3 news.

Update: Click the image above to see it full-size.

Update 2: Nintendo has done the smart thing and released the image themselves on Facebook. Their version is a little bigger, featuring more details, so we've replaced Amazon's image with theirs.

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