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UPDATE: That Tears of the Kingdom player found their midnight launch missed connection

Love can bloom on Hyrule Field!

UPDATE: Great news for anyone hoping that ThatTOTKGirl would find the person she's looking for, as in the comments of the post she's shared that she has found the person in question! No word on how the two are getting on, but a lovely resolution nonetheless.

At a midnight launch for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one player expected to just find the game, but wound up with a possible missed connection instead.

Do you remember the one that got away? The one that keeps you up at night thinking, "dang, I should have gone for it!" Well, one Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player certainly does, as she's currently searching for someone she met at a midnight launch of the game. In a post titled "Missed connection at Gamestop midnight release in southwestern Illinois," Reddit user ThatTOTK girl shared her meet-cute story involving another prospective player at said midnight launch.

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"I was the blonde girl who did her hair like Zelda," the post opens. "You were the guy who showed me his Zelda-themed tattoo on your leg and we chatted about Nintendogs, among other things. I had fun talking to you and would like to be able to talk to you some more! If this was you, please message me and tell me the name of your childhood Nintendog lol."

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it seems that ThatTOTKGirl hasn't quite found her missed connection just yet, though as some commenters have pointed out, it's possible he's avoiding the subreddit out of fear of seeing spoilers. Everyone in the comments was very sweet, thankfully, most of them hoping they find each other and to share any updates.

[TOTK] Missed Connection at Gamestop Midnight Release in Southwestern Illinois
by u/ThatTOTKGirl in zelda

It sounds like she might need a little help finding a certain someone, much like how you and Link might need help finding Zelda - thankfully we've got a guide that helps you figure out where to go first! And in the event you've been through something similar to ThatTOTKGirl but had your heart broken, well, would you look at that, we've got a guide on how you can heal cracked hearts in Tears of the Kingdom!

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