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You won't have to kill "5,367 boars" in Rise of the Argonauts

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Speaking to Gamespot, Liquid Entertainment boss Ed Del Castillo has said that upcoming action RPG Rise of the Argonauts won't focus on grinding. Specifically, there won't be boars. Or rats.

"We have a rich, compelling story for the player first and foremost, and all the gameplay mechanics serve this experience," he said.

"If you're playing this game to kill 5,367 boars and rats or to min max your character, you're going to be disappointed. Instead, we have streamlined RPG features, slick, brutal real-time combat, and a truly compelling world that begs to be explored.

"But the crucial design decision, which we took early on, was that everything in the game is there to support a compelling, narrative experience. To borrow the cliché, it's kind of an all-killer, no-filler approach."

Game's out for PC, 360 and PS3 before the end of the year.

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