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You can play Nom Nom Galaxy on PlayStation 4 next week

Q-Games' Nom Nom Galaxy, formerly known as PixelJunk Inc, will be released on PlayStation 4 next week in both Europe and North America.

nom_nom_galaxy (8)

Double Eleven helped with development on the console version while Q-Games continues work on the Linux, Mac and PC versions currently available through Steam Early Access.

Nom Nom Galaxy combines platforming, mining, construction, resource management and tower defense gameplay elements as players run around exploding the environment to find the best spot to build their soup factory.

Cash will start to accumulate as the soup is shipped out, which will allow players to expand and "automate the exportation of soup" with conveyor belts and robot workers. More robot types with more complex mechanics can be unlocked.

As your business increases in popularity, rival companies will start producing their own soup across the galaxy. All hell seems to break loose at this point both in finance and defense of your factory.

Nom Nom Galaxy can be played solo or via two-player splitscreen. If you jump online, you can play in groups containing up to four players.

Solo and splitscreen Challenges will be available as well as competitive challenges in multiplayer.

Nom Nom Galaxy will be released on PlayStation 4 May 12 through PSN.

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