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Yes, it would be "cool to pick" your Faction package rewards in Destiny

Bungie game director Chris Barrett has taken to Twitter once again to tease upcoming features in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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A couple of weeks ago, Barrett revealed shaders would make a return when the expansion dropped in September.

Overnight, he tweeted the news that players would be able pick whether they "wanted armor or weapons from Faction packages," as you can see below.

The image above shows the New Monarchy rewards, and as GamesRadar notes, Dead Orbit and Future War Cult will be allowed the same options.

Three choices are depicted, but only two seem to be represented. If you give the video from Arekkz a watch above, he explains how this would work.

Bungie is hosting another Destiny live stream next week on August 16 at 1pm ET/6pm UK. We'll be covering it as usual, so maybe the team will touch upon the Faction reward packages.

Rise of Iron releases on PS4 and Xbox One September 20.

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