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Holy cow, the use of shaders on class items returns in Destiny: Rise of Iron

When Rise of Iron drops in September, Destiny players will once again be able to fancy up their class duds.

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Bungie game director Chris Barrett took to Twitter yesterday to announce the news.

"Wouldn't it be cool if class items were affected by shaders again in Rise of Iron?," he tweeted. "We thought so too."

The ability to use shaders on new class items went away during year two, it seems.

For non-Destiny players, shaders are items which change the pattern and color of the armor a Guardian is wearing with varying results. Shaders would even work on particular Exotics. Not all class items would change appearance when applying a shader to it though.

These items are handed out as mission rewards in raids, Crucible matches, hitting a rep level with a faction, or they can be bought from a vendor.

Some are rare or Legendary, while other shaders are unique items awarded to players during events such as Iron Banner.

Arkezz talks more about all of this in the video above.

Anyway, that's good news for the fashion conscious or for those who just want to look different from the other Guardians roaming around the game.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One September 20.

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