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Xfire users have spent over 1.3 billion hours in League of Legends

Xfire has announced League of Legends is the most played PC title out of all games played using the service.

Users have clocked close to 1.3 billion hours in the MOBA from July 2011 to June 30, 2012, with World of Warcraft users clocked 622,378,909 hours and Minecraft players putting in 371,635,651 hours.

In comparison, players have logged over 2 billion hours in the entire Halo franchise over seven years of availability.

That's a lot of gaming hours.

In other LoL news, Riot has released a full look at the concept art for its 101st champion, Zyra, who uses vegetation as a ranged weapon. Still no word on when to expect the champion's release. 

Thanks, PCGamesN.Via: Forbes, PCGamesN.

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