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Xbox Game Pass is probably going to be much better value… next year

You'll have to wait a while longer for Activision Blizzard's latest titles.

With Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard seemingly closing in, the Call of Duty and Diablo developer has clarified when we can expect to see them on Game Pass.

Last week, it was reported that the long process of the Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal would be finally coming to a close this Friday, October 13 (unfortunate timing, eh). It's been a long time coming, literally, as the acquisition was first announced back in January of 2022. And for some, a deal such as this means one important thing: more games on Game Pass. Currently, you won't find any of Activision Blizzard's catalogue on Game Pass, though for Ultimate subscribers there is currently a perk that nets you a few heroes. According to Activision Blizzard itself, though, we should start seeing its games join the service within the next year.

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In a tweet addressing questions surrounding its games due to the impending acquisition, Activision Blizzard wrote, "It’s awesome to see anticipation building for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. As we continue to work toward regulatory approval of the Microsoft deal, we’ve been getting some questions whether our upcoming and recently launched games will be available via Game Pass.

"While we do not have plans to put Modern Warfare® III or Diablo IV into Game Pass this year, once the deal closes, we expect to start working with Xbox to bring our titles to more players around the world. And we anticipate that we would begin adding games into Game Pass sometime in the course of next year."

Obviously that's quite a large window, but it's not exactly a surprise that Microsoft would want to bring titles like Call of Duty or Diablo to Game Pass, not to mention the rest of Activision Blizzard's collection of titles. Now it's just about playing the waiting game.

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