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Xbox and Bethesda are hosting a second showcase with "extended" looks at games

The followup presentation will be 90 minutes in length, and will feature new trailers too.

The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is airing later this week, and now a second presentation has been confirmed for June 14.

This Sunday, June 12, Xbox and Bethesda's showcase will be likely showing off some big games we've already seen, as well as reveal some brand new ones. And now, as revealed on the Xbox blog, another 90 minute long event on June 14 will have even more trailers, as well as more in depth looks at some of the new announcements.

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"Stay tuned for the Xbox Games Showcase Extended on June 14 at 10am PT where we will share new trailers, take deeper looks at the news from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase and speak with some of your favorite game creators," reads the post. That's 6pm for us here across the pond.

Obviously we don't know for sure what games are going to be shown at the presentation, but it sounds like Xbox might be taking somewhat of a Nintendo Treehouse direction with this secondary presentation.

Both streams will be available to watch on the official Xbox YouTube and Twitch channels, available to stream in a pretty big range of languages.

Nothing has been confirmed to be appearing at either event so far, so it's going to be lots of surprises all round. On the Bethesda front, both Starfield and Redfall have been delayed into 2023, but there's still a chance either one of them could be shown off.

There's obviously the new Fable from Playground Games but who knows how far along in development that one is. Crystal Dynamic is also working on a 'AAAA', whatever that means, Perfect Dark reboot, which will be exclusive to Xbox.

Essentially, plenty that could be shown off, but for all we know none of it will be and Xbox and Bethesda will show us a bunch of stuff we haven't been expecting at all.

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