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Xbox 720 watch: is this the first Project Gotham 5 teaser art?

Project Gotham 5 is rumoured to be in development at Liverpool studio Lucid Games. We've unearthed what could be the first teaser art for the alleged Xbox 720 launch title.

This morning we reported on a rumour - which has been verified as true by Polygon - that said Lucid Games is currently developing Project Gotham 5 for the launch of Microsoft's next console.

The studio is comprised of ex-Criterion and Bizarre Creations staff, and over on the LinkedIn profile of the studio's character animator, VG247 has found the below image:

The blurb that accompanies the images reads, "Currently working as animator on a soon to be announced game"

I then checked the Lucid Games site and found this image of London:

If you hover over the image on the Lucid Games site a pop up says 'Skylight'. The sign in the pic strongly suggests that Xbox 720 is due to launch in 2013. Backing up recent rumours.

what do you make of this people?

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