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World of Warcraft: Legion release time - US, EU, Australia launch countdowns

World of Warcraft: Legion launches in less than 24 hours. Here's exactly when you can start playing Blizzard's latest.


World of Warcraft: Legion launches globally at midnight on August 30 - sort of. English-language servers are switching on in two batches, and not everyone gets the midnight start they might have been hoping for.

August 30 arrives in Europe in advance of the US, so those on European servers can begin playing World of Warcraft: Legion at the following times:

  • UK: 11:00pm (August 29)
  • CET: midnight

Here's the World of Warcraft: Legion countdown, EU servers launch:

Nine hours after Europe, the North American servers switch World of Warcraft: Legion on at midnight Pacific time, which means those in other regions have to wait a few hours past midnight. As Australian servers come online at the same time as North America administrative banner, antipodeans have to wait for close of business. At least you don't have to stay up all night.

  • US West: midnight
  • US Mountain: 1:00am
  • US Central: 2:00am
  • US East: 3:00am
  • Sydney: 5:00pm

Here's the World of Warcraft: Legion countdown, Australia and North America servers launch:

There's still time to pre-order and preload if you haven't already. Check out our guide to everything new in World of Warcraft: Legion if you're on the fence.

WoW: Legion is the sixth major expansion for World of Warcraft, which will turn 12 years old in November.

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