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World of Tanks update 9.4 improves Strongholds, reworks Team Battles, adds new map

World of Tanks has received its latest content update. Update 9.4 improves Strongholds, redesigns Team Battles mode and adds a new map: Stalingrad.

world of tanks stalingrad map 3

Wargaming announced the details in a press release sent earlier. Update 9.4 for World of Tanks is already out in North America and Europe, out today in Asia and Korea.

Strongholds and the structures that produce Reserves for clans have been extended to level ten. Clans now have the ability to attack Strongholds of other clans. Any clan member can set specific times during which they can defend the clan's Stronghold.

Team Battles mode has also been redesigned. The new 7/54 format adds 11 maps designed for 7v7 battles. Both teams will be required to setup a squad of tier six to tier eight tanks, a tier total of 54. One team will be on the offence by attempting to capture one of the two basses belonging to the enemy team. The other team needs to defend those basses or destroy the offending team's tanks.

In addition, the new Stalingrad map, which aims for a realistic imagining of 1942 Stalingrad, will also be added to the roster.

Have a look at it below.

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