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World of Tanks update 9.0: New Frontiers kicks off "massive visual overhaul."

A significant update for World of Tanks is now available worldwide. It's update 9.0, and comes with the subtitle 'New Frontiers.' It marks the beginning of what Wargaming promises will be "a massive visual overhaul of World of Tanks throughout 2014."

world of tanks new frontiers

The update features enhanced graphics for all battle arenas, tanks, and in-game objects. Ten armoured vehicles are getting HD models, including The America M4 Sherman, Soviet T-54, and German Tiger I. These high definition models allow for new physics functions, such as "realistic suspension behaviour."

There's also the new Historical Battles game mode. This recreates some of World War 2's famous tank battles, featuring historic battlefields Operation Spring Awakening, the Battle of Kursk, and the Ardennes Breakthrough.

The New Frontiers update is available now.

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