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World of Tanks 360 gamescom: gameplay video shows lovely tank action, some bad driving

World of Tanks is currently in beta on Xbox 360 and during gamescom, VG247's Sam Clay was able to try the strategy MMO out for himself and have the service options explained to him by Wargaming West.

Like the core game on PC, the Xbox 360 version will be free-to-play on Wargaming's end, but you can still purchase in-game content or pay for a premium account if you like. If you don't want to spend a penny on it, you won't be at any disadvantage over a play who does, according to Wargaming.

You will still need and Xbox Live subscription to play online though. Silver members will be able to try the game out free for seven days.

Also touched upon in the video is the work which went into the UI and HUD mechanics as well as gamepad controls.

The World of Tanks beta on Xbox 360 is currently live in North America and Europe with access coming to other regions soon.

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