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World of StarCraft to continue under "StarCraft Universe" moniker

What's in a name? Well, if you're Blizzard, a surefire megahit waiting to happen - which is why the company raised a fuss when a little mod calling itself "World of StarCraft" started traipsing about on its turf.

Here's the thing, though: Blizzard just wanted its nametag back. No hard feelings. So, with the PC powerhouse's full approval, the mod's back on track - this time as "StarCraft Universe."

TechSpot brings word that StarCraft Universe is now running full steam ahead, but you might want to reconsider before you mash the delete key on your World of WarCraft account.

See, there are certain limitations to StarCraft II's map-making framework, and unfortunately, there's no secret back door marked "oh, but if you're making an MMO..." So, among other things, there won't be any experience-gaining or leveling up, only 12 players will be able to inhabit a map at any given time, and joining a match mid-game won't be possible.

Even with mid-game saves and loot-based character progression, the implication is obvious: it's not really an MMO. Which is unfortunate, because Blizzard's plate is looking a teensy bit too full to have another giant MMO project clatter down smack dab in its center.

So, for now, StarCraft Universe will have to do. And, as far as custom maps go, it looks to be damn impressive. Plus - and maybe it's just us - we think it swiped the better name. Seriously, World of StarCraft? A bit confining for something that largely takes place in space, don't you think?

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