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World of StarCraft week "flipped my life upside down", says modder


Ryan Winzell has described the roller coast week he had after his World of StarCraft mod was pulled from YouTube as one which "pretty much flipped my life upside down."

Speaking with Kotaku following his Riot application offering and an invitation to visit Blizzard's studios, Winzell has said the mod "go forward," with a demo likely within a year - but under likely under the name StarCraft Universe. It will be a collaborative effort with German modder mille25, who also created a StarCraft-style MMO with the game's toolkit. Winzell said it is a name approved by Blizzard.

As far as a possible job with Riot Games is concerned though, the design communications student told the site he "really asn't prepared for all of this," and doesn't "even have a resumé typed up."

"I'm working on that to send one in to them," said Winzell. "I feel like, I don't know, like I'm still in a dream."

You can read the full interview through here.

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