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Winds of Change Part 2 released for Guild Wars

NCsoft has announced the second chapter of Winds of Change for Guild Wars, which is the "largest free content expansion," for the title to date, has been released.

The content includes 11 more quests, five respawned zones, and numerous hidden scenes.

Here's the storyline:

In the previous instalment, players were introduced to the Ministry of Purity, an organisation that sought to bring peace and order back to an embattled Cantha. The Ministry began their righteous crusade by seeking to purge the land of the Afflicted – horrors unleashed during the events of Guild Wars Factions. The Ministry rallied the people to its cause under the belief that Cantha was a land that did not need heroes; only people with the strength and the will to stand up for themselves. From these simple beginnings, the Ministry grew in size and gained influence as the Afflicted were purged from the lands. People disillusioned with Cantha’s emperor for his inability to protect them looked to the Ministry as a source of hope.

As the players vanquished the last of the Afflicted, the Ministry of Purity soon set their sights on their next target: the gangs of Kaineng; the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah. The gangs have long been a threat that has existed within Canthan life – the empire is not strong enough to stop them. The Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood have continuously been at war with each other, and their struggle keeps them from being enough to threaten the empire directly. The three have existed as a system of checks and balances against each other – an uneasy balance of power that threatens to boil over into violence at any given moment. Under the leadership of Minister Reiko, the Ministry of Purity has declared that the gangs’ reign of fear must come to an end, by any means necessary.

In the second part, of the three-part story, the conflict between the Ministry of Purity and the gangs is growing, and The Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah are retaliating, and the motives behind the Ministry of Purity are being questions as an Assassin with ties to the Ministry’s leadership comes onto the scene.

Sound pretty cool. Massively is having a live chat with the devs on this at 6pm EST tonight if you care to learn more information.

Enjoy the screenshots below.

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