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Why this TimeSplitters: Rewind teaser has people excited, even though it's just a logo

TimeSplitters Rewind has a new trailer, but it's not - look, just shelve all your expectations, okay?

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The TimeSplitters: Rewind team has released a new teaser trailer, which is promisingly labelled "#1" and hopefully only the start of a series of longer looks at the fan project.

As you'll see above, the teaser shows the project's logo and points to a 2017 release, and, uh - nothing else. It's a pretty long video for so little pay off, but the point of it seems to be to tell you yes, TimeSplitters: Rewind is still happening, even if the team is a bit quiet at the moment.

And that's exciting, because the last update to the TimeSplitters: Rewind Facebook and website was in September, which is an unusually long break for what had previously been a pretty communicative team. Fans are gagging for this project, so it's great to see it's still plodding along, and hopefully this teaser means we'll be hearing more soon.

TimeSplitters: Rewind is a re-imagining of the franchise combining elements of the three released games, and possibly some of the TimeSplitters 4 materials created before Free Radical was purchased by Crytek; the project has Crytek's full approval and access to official TimeSplitters assets. It has been in the works since late 2012, and is expected on PC and possibly PS4,

The initial release will be a multiplayer-only affair, though a single-player TimeSplitters: Rewind campaign my surface later on if Crytek gives the greenlight.

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