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While Inafune makes Mega Man games, Capcom is making a Mega Man helmet

Mega Man fans have plenty of opportunities to spend money on their fandom.


Capcom has unveiled its San Diego Comic-Con merchandise plans, which include an Ultra Street Fighter 4 Mad Catz arcade stick, a Ryu statue, some cute Monster Hunter onesies and pillows, and a line of new Mega Man merchandise.

If you wish to display your dedication to Mega Man, you can pick up a five pack of miniature replica helmets, or even a full-size wearable helmet with glowing LEDS. This is presumably what the publisher's been doing instead of making Mega Man games, which it's left up to Keiji Inafune.

I'm being a bit mean to Capcom here; the last major Mega Man game was released in 2010, which is only - yeah okay no that is quite a hiatus. Have there been any major spin-off titles since then? Genuine question; I cannot parse the astounding number of series and sub series.

The Mega Man gear will be on show at SDCC 2016 but is Capcom Store exclusive, according to Capcom Unity, so if you fancy it but can't make it to San Diego you still have a chance to get your paws on it.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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