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What's Your Favorite James Bond Game?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | With a new 007 game on the way, we're looking back at his various incarnations over the years.

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CQ: What's Your Favorite Bond Game?

There are many secret agents, rogue operatives, and covert specialists in the gaming world, but only one James Bond. The sly, suave master of espionage and very long chase scenes is likely one of Hollywood's longest running properties, and he's had a pretty lengthy list of video game appearances to match.

From humble beginnings to console-selling classics, to whatever the hell 007 Racing was, there have been many James Bond games. IO Interactive, the studio behind the Hitman series, recently confirmed they'll be making their own game about the super-spy. That's got us wondering: what's your favorite James Bond game?

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Eric Van Allen, News Editor

The easy answer is Goldeneye, though Bond actually has a number of solid console FPS games. Seriously, Nightfire is some quality split-screen FPS action. I had some good times sniping friends on the ski lift.

My vote goes for the PS2-era standalone Everything or Nothing, though. It was its own game, not tied to a movie, but with the production of a movie; Pierce Brosnan's Bond fought against Willem Dafoe's supervillain, and Heidi Klum was the femme fatale of the game. I'd even say the best parts weren't in the main story, but in the lengthy co-op campaign, where players could choose from a few different agents and work their way through a surprisingly solid story. If it weren't for the seemingly perfect match of IOI and 007, that's the sort of Bond game I'd like to see again.

Mathew Olson, Reporter

The truth is that I simply don't have a fondness for any of them apart from Goldeneye. I didn't even play it that much—I didn't have an N64 growing up, so most of my memories of it are hazy snippets from playing it at my older cousin's house. A lot of that was with paintball mode on, maybe because I was too young? At any rate, Goldeneye deserves the love it gets for both the game itself and for the legacy it gave us… and, once the IOI game comes out, I bet that'll instantly leapfrog to my #1 Bond spot.

Signed, someone who never pre-orders but who already has Hitman 3 locked in for January.

Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

I don't like James Bond movies, and by extension, I don't like James Bond games. That doesn't mean I haven't played a couple of Mr. Bond's digital adventures, though. I actually have fond memories of playing James Bond for the ColecoVision. Yes, I'm serious. Listen to that chiptune rendition of the theme song! It's perfect! Kind of makes up for the fact the game whisks you through a handful of levels that are supposed to represent Bond movies, and then ends in five minutes. Your reward for getting through the game is a message that says "Good bye, Mr. Bond," and Mr. Bond is off to another adventure you're not allowed to be part of. In my headcanon, he leaves the game to father ten million bastard children with every woman he ever exchanged a "hello" with.

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