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Wednesday Shorts, part 3 - Street Fighter turns 20, FFXIV, Halo: Reach art

In our final shorts for Wednesday - wait, it's Thursday now? Crap. Let's call this the Overnight Edition.

  • Street Fighter: World Warrior - the one that kicked it all off - is 20 years old. Reminisce with Destructoid.
  • Evil Avatar reports the release of Strategic Command World War I: The Great War 1914-1918, and there's a demo.
  • Not enough friends on your platform of choice? Never fear. Dungeon Defenders has cross-platform multiplayer between the PC and PS3 versions. Thanks, Big Download.
  • Have a look at some luvverly Halo: Reach concept art at Game.Set.Watch.
  • It's not as exciting as Home's other update, but Motorstorm: Apocalypse items are now available in Sony's virtual world. Details on the PS Blog.
  • Capcom has announced via the Unity blog that it's coming to South by SouthWest and PAX East.
  • Massively reports Perfect World's newest MMO, Forsaken World, will be dela- wait. No, it's been brought forward. Amazing.
  • If you want, you can order an official, giant poster of your Xbox Live Avatar. Go on. We won't judge. Much.
  • Voice of FFXIII's Snow, Troy Baker, has been cast as Vincent in Atlus US's localisation of Catherine, according to Siliconera.
  • Speaking of Final Fantasy, Massively's flagged some new quests turning up this week for FFXIV Online.
  • Arrowhead told Joystiq that a console port of Magicka "is up to Sony and Microsoft".

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