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Watchdog slams Nintendo for discrimination against Northerners

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Good grief. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training made a five-minute appearance on British TV show Watchdog tonight ater it emerged that the game doesn't actually recognise northern British accents.

One woman from Manchester moaned, probably through a mouthful of pie, "Basically you have to say the different colours that flash up on the screen as quickly as possible. I'm saying, blue, blue, blue and it's saying no, even though it was blue. Then it got to yellow. I'm going, 'yeller' and everyone's saying to me you need to be a bit posher. You need to say, 'yellow' and as soon as I did, it picked it up."

The show's presenter, Nicky Cambell, claimed that Brain Training "clearly discriminated against" certain accents, especially Northern and Scottish.

We really don't know what to add. Read the rest of this sorry tale here.

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