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Watch the first footage of new Battlefield 1 map Tsaritsyn

EA closed off its gamescom 2017 show with a nice long demo of a new Battlefield 1 map called Tsaritsyn.

The map is part of the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar DLC, of which we've seen three maps so far. Unlike previously revealed maps, however, this one is not yet available on the CTE.

Which means that during the EA gamescom live show earlier today, we were treated to completely new gameplay. The map, much like the rest of the DLC, features a snow setting.

Watch on YouTube

At the centre of the fight stands the massive cathedral, and the structure is partially destroyed. Each team gets one tank, so the focus is mostly on infantry combat.

The showpiece has to be the massive cathedral, though. Because the map only has three flags, one of which is in the centre of the cathedral, a lot of the fighting goes on around it as both teams try to capture.

Though trenches exist, they're as deep or as common here, which is historically accurate to the conflict on the Eastern Front.

In the Name of the Tsar is out in September, but Premium members can try out Lupkow Pass, one of the DLC's new maps, today.

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