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Watch Dogs: Weapons Trade Investigations, Saturday Night Special, They Call Him The Vigilante

Here’s how to find all Weapons Trade Investigations crates and unlock the Saturday Night Special and They Call Him The Vigilante awards.



There are nine crates to track down to unlock the bonus mission: We Hit The Motherlode. Only seven of the crates contain audio logs. Before you begin looking for these missions it’s best if you’ve unlocked the Combat Skill and Enforcer Combat Take Down, and have a stack of weaponry with ammo, IEDs and frag grenades.

Weapons Crate 01: Brandon Docks

This crate is on the north island of Brandon Docks. There’s no audio log. The unlock is on the west side of the building, which you can get to by hacking a camera above the northwest corner.

Weapons Crate 02: The Wards

This create is in the northern part of The Wards. The unlock is in the east, high up on the building next to the crate. You’ll get an audio log for your troubles.

Weapons Crate 03: Parker Square

If you head just north of the last crate you can find the next one in the southeast portion of Parker Square. The audio log is to the east side of the building - you’ll have to hack the cameras a point them across the street to the north and follow the data flow. The unlock in on a yellow building with a big red awning.

Weapons Crate 04: The Loop

Head to the west island in The Loop. Go up to the garage door and head east and back towards the street. There’s a building on your left with a camera up high that needs hacking and pointing towards the garage door to unlock it. Scan the crate and grab the audio log.

Weapons Crate 05: The Loop

Stay in The Loop but head to the south part, just north of the train station near a turn in the tracks. Above the garage door you’ll see a camera to hack. Aim it across the alley and unlock the box, scan the crate and take the audio log.

Weapons Crate 06: The Loop

Now head north in The Loop to where the tracks bends 90 degrees. The unlock box is northwest of the garage door. If you follow the data line you’ll see it next to a stack of wooden pallets. Grab the crate and the audio log.

Weapon Crate 07: Mad Mile

This is over on the western island of the Mad Mile. Climb the ladder on the east side building and blow up the fence that stands before you and the unlock box with some explosives. Jump back down to scan the weapons crate, but there’s no audio log here.

Weapons Crate 08: Mad Mile

Go west through the outdoor tables of the Brewing Delight Coffee shop and look up across the street to see a camera mounted on the corner of a building. Look east and back toward the garage to see the unlock box. Scan the crate and grab the audio log.

Weapons Crate 09: Brandon Docks

to the south of the northern island of Brandon Docks, or just northeast of one of the gun stores on the map. It’s easier to clear out the Fixer Contract first as that’s sitting on top of it. Go south from the door and up three sets of stairs where you’ll find the unlock box to the right of the fourth set of stairs. Go north to get back to the garage door and scan the crate and take the audio log…

We Hit the Motherlode

To complete the Weapons Trade Investigations you will now fight three rounds of seriously tough enemies, with each wave getting harder. Enter the area and climb the fence to go up the stairs and use the catwalk for cover. You can stay up here to fight all three groups as it makes it a lot less dangerous.

Before the first wave of bad guys turn up hack the cameras and use the explosives to take the down as they arrive. Use distractions to group them together before triggering explosives if possible. The sniper rifle is great for clearing the last of the baddies up.

For the second wave it’s best to use the IEDs to take out one of the three vehicles. Also use a grenade launcher to hit another vehicles and multiple bad guys as well as the sniper rifle for headshots. Some of these enemies remain in groups, so take advantage of that with explosives.

A Fixer Boss arrives with the third and final wave of enemies. One of the vehicles is likely to drive under your position, so hit it with an IED or grenade launcher round. Now use whatever you’ve got left to mop up the stragglers - the grenade launcher and the sniper rifle work well together.

You’ll now unlock the Saturday Night Special achievement for completing the Weapons Trade Investigations missions, and if you’ve completed all of out walkthrough you should unlock They Call Him The Vigilante as all investigations are now complete.

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